Fish Gear Now is Online Fishing Headquarters

Fish Gear Now has all the Fishing Supplies you need to haul in Lunkers in fresh or saltwater. Fishing Equipment is organized for easy search to accommodate the way a fisherman organizes and uses their equipment. No matter where your next Fishing Trip is, we’ve got the Fishing Gear you need. Don't delay, buy Fishing Gear Now and get prepared for your next Big Fish (or big fish story) with our top of the line equipment.

Our Top Quality Fishing Rods and Reels are organized into categories according to three basic applications including Spinning rods/reels, Baitcasting rods/reels, and Fly rods/reels. We offer various sizes of each Rod and Reel Type to accommodate Freshwater Fishing or Saltwater Fishing. Pick out a Rod and Reel combination that suits your needs or choose from one of our Combination Packages. Our selection also includes an excellent variety of Rod and Reel Combos for Youth Anglers. Our Rods and Reels are priced to sell!

Outstanding selection and prices on Kayaks and Canoes in a variety of sizes, colors, designed for multiple uses.

Our vessels include Canoes and Kayaks that perform for solo or multi-person fishing trips. Fish Gear Now has top quality Sea Kayaks, Surf Kayaks, Whitewater Kayaks, Touring Kayaks and Tandem Kayaks. We carry a wide variety of Canoes designed for fishing, family outings, and river adventures. Canoes are made of the best materials including: durable polyresin plastic material, ultra-durable aluminum, as well as lightweight inflatable canoes for easy storage and transport. Fish Gear Now's selection also includes an excellent selection of Personal Flotation Devices as well as Car/Truck Top Carriers and Paddles for Kayaks and Canoes.

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